Bird Watching & Monitoring

Bird watching and monitoring

Mida Creek is (IBA) important bird area, about 55% of water birds are found here and most of them are migrants (palleactic) from Middle East, Asia and Europe as well we have the intra-africa migrants.
Birds example

Palleactic birds

1. Crab plover
2. Terek Sand pipper
3. Ruddy turnstone
4. Sanderling
5. Grey plover
6. whimbrel
7. Eurasian Curlew

Intra-African birds

1. Flamingos
2. Yellow billed storks
3. Sacred ibis
4. Herons
5. woolly-necked stork
6. Kingfishers
7.African spoonbill

As well in our group we also do birds monitoring and ringing with stakeholders such as Arocha Kenya.

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